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Natural antioxidants for preventing weight gain

In light of the growing numbers of overweight and obese individuals across the world, many researchers are concentrating their efforts on developing new solutions to tackle weight gain. Indeed this is a major issue given that excess weight is a known risk factor for many diseases such as diabetes and...
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Green tea: the benefits of EGCG on energy expenditure

The popularity of green tea in many parts of the world is not solely due to its taste. Green tea’s exceptional composition means it is also renowned for offering a host of health benefits. Among the components found in green tea are catechins including epigallocatechin gallate or ECGC. Part of...
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Obesity: scientists offer explanation for why engaging in physical activity is so difficult

Obese people are often stigmatised for their lack of exercise but this could well change based on the results of a new scientific study. It seems obese individuals’ low level of activity could be caused by dysfunctional receptors in the brain. In other words, their inactivity could actually be a...
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Post-diet weight gain: what’s behind it and how can we prevent it?

It is by no means unusual to regain weight after a successful weight-loss diet. Indeed, a report published by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety 1 claims this so-called ‘yo-yo’ effect may actually occur in 80% of cases. But it now seems Israeli scientists may...
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Obesity and metabolic syndrome: beta-cryptoxanthin shows positive results

Though relatively unknown, beta-cryptoxanthin continues to reveal benefits for human health. It has been arousing scientific interest for some years now due to the similarity between its chemical structure and that of beta carotene. While beta-carotene is familiar as the pigment in carrots, its main benefit lies in its antioxidant...
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