The liver: the benefits of berberine for non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis
How much do you know about non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis? Are you aware, for example, that it is considered one of the most common liver diseases...
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Eating mushrooms cuts the risk of mild...

This is the claim made by a recent study (1) conducted in Singapore: eating in excess of 300 grams of cooked mushrooms a week could...
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SAMe, good for depression, arthritis and liver...

In a review of published studies on S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe), the American Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) concluded that SAMe was effective at...
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Vitamin C: was Linus Pauling right?

Would you put your faith in a man who was twice awarded the Nobel Prize in two different categories? One of only two people (the...
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Death may be lurking in the colon:...

Colon cancer is not something that arrives out of the blue one morning. It starts off with a single damaged colon cell which passes its...
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What are the best supplements for preserving...

Question: What are the best natural supplements for preserving your eyesight? Can plant substances really improve your vision? Answer: The two natural ingredients best-known for...
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