What age are your lungs? The story of how they decline and what you can do to slow it down
Did you know that of all your organs, it is the lungs which are the first to age? Like the skin, they are exposed to...
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This mitochondria-targeting antioxidant could take 20 years...

A study published in Hypertension , the journal of the American Heart Association, has provided new evidence of this dietary supplement’s effectiveness for reducing the...
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Choline, a little-known but essential nutrient

Though many people are not aware of choline, it is actually recognised as an essential nutrient by the prestigious US National Academy of Medicine 1...
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Coughing vigorously can save you from a...

For a while now, information has been circulating on social networks to the effect that it may be possible to « survive a heart attack...
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Anti-ageing substance produced from digesting pomegranates

The fight against ageing continues. Researchers working for a start-up biotech company have discovered the beneficial effects of urolithin A 1 , a substance produced...
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Resveratrol: astonishing new study confirms its ‘enormous...

Researchers at Exeter University have succeeded in rejuvenating senescent cells in the laboratory 1 using a molecule already known for its effects on longevity: resveratrol....
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