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Obesity: a beneficial combination of anthocyanins and prebiotics

Scientists have made a major discovery in the fight against obesity and its harmful effects. Published in 2017 in the prestigious FASEB Journal 1 , their study revealed the benefits of combining anthocyanins, natural pigments with antioxidant potency, with prebiotics, substances known for their ability to maintain balance in intestinal...
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Body fat: a surprising new consequence of being overweight

Clafoutis with cherries from the garden, crème brûlée straight from the oven, juicy home-grown tomatoes, farm-fresh goat’s cheese … for most of us, these delicious foods evoke unforgettable flavours and considerable pleasure. Yet it seems that half of all Europeans (1) may be unable to appreciate the full intensity of...
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The genuine risks of ‘eating out’

In order to successfully juggle work, exercise, leisure activities and commuting, many people are no longer choosing to cook in the middle of the day and are instead buying their lunch ‘on the hoof’. They either get something delivered, or buy a ready-meal that they quickly polish off at their...
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Cutting calories by 15% for 2 years slows down the ageing process

” Ageing is not a slope that everyone goes down at the same speed. It’s a flight of irregular steps that some people hurtle down faster than others .” No-one would argue with this theory, cited by Simone de Beauvoir in her book ‘La Vieillesse’ (The Coming of Age). We...
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Here’s what happens to your fat cells when you put on weight

If you’re overweight or have developed a paunch, you’re probably suffering from chronic inflammation of your adipose tissue. This is a silent pathological process which sooner or later will become a ticking time bomb, so it makes sense to read up on the latest findings published in the journal Metabolism...
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