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Excess weight and obesity: the benefits of an Ayurvedic herb

For many decades now, the scientific community has become increasingly interested in plants from the Ayurveda system of medicine. One such plant is Coleus forskohlii , studied for its many therapeutic virtues and advantages for weight control. In this context, a clinical study published in the journal Nutrients 1 has...
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The Olympic Games: a springboard for tackling inactivity

It’s official: the Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 2024 and in Los Angeles in 2028. These major sporting events are significant for the scientific community too, as they represent a key opportunity for health promotion. An opportunity to re-emphasise the importance of physical activity for staying in...
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Ayurvedic medicine: the multiple benefits of gymnema sylvestre

If you haven’t yet come across the medicinal plant gymnema (Gymnema sylvestris) , you may be surprised by just how many health benefits it offers. Originating from Asia, this perennial climber has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, it is known as gurmar, a Hindi name related...
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Dietary supplements that beat persistent food cravings

Food cravings affect those trying to lose weight just as they do stable-weight individuals. Finding a lasting solution to these sudden ‘snack attacks’ requires a multi-pronged approach. People gain weight for many reasons – there are those who overeat at mealtimes, those whose portion sizes are normal but who eat...
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Obesity: a beneficial combination of anthocyanins and prebiotics

Scientists have just made a major discovery in the fight against obesity and its harmful effects. Published in 2017 in the prestigious FASEB Journal 1 , their study revealed the benefits of combining anthocyanins, natural pigments with antioxidant potency, with prebiotics, substances known for their ability to maintain balance in...
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