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Stress and Sleep


Getting to sleep fast: the natural – but overlooked - alternative to sleeping pills

You’re probably one of the many people who have experienced the horrors of insomnia : the stifling duvet, the clammy skin, the tossing and turning and the unbearable feeling that there’s nothing you can do about it. That you’ll never get to sleep … Perhaps you’re even one of the...
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Music, CBD and melatonin: the new go-to solutions for beating insomnia

There’s little doubt that within recent history, the quality of our sleep has never been as bad as it is today. The latest reports suggest that more than 40% of Europeans and North Americans regularly suffer from sleep problems (1), and that the time we spend asleep is getting shorter...
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Are you a sleep procrastinator?

Remember how when you were young you used to resist going to bed? Being made to go to sleep when the ‘grown-ups’ were still up seemed deeply unfair and very unappealing. Where do we go when we’re asleep? What do we do? Do we have to go there? And are...
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Our gut bacteria also affects our stress levels

In recent years, our gut microbiota has been shown to have an amazingly wide-ranging impact on our body’s overall function. Indeed, it seems hardly a week goes by before another health-determining mechanism is found to be linked to the 100,000 billion microorganisms that inhabit our intestines. Originally thought to be...
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Older people take up to 14 drugs a day, some of which serve no useful...

These commonly-prescribed drugs which should be avoided like the plague Almost 150,000 over-65s in France may be taking an average of 14 drugs a day . That’s the staggering conclusion of a study conducted by the OpenHealth Company which endeavours to highlight the absurdities of conventional medicine. According to the...
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