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Magnesium: a new anti-inflammatory?

Magnesium has until now been mainly known as an essential mineral for nervous system balance, cardiovascular regulation, muscle function and bone health. Now it seems this mineral offers yet more benefits for human health - at least that’s what was suggested by the results of a meta-analysis published in the...
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Magnesium as important for bones as vitamin D

More than 9 million fractures a year across the world are thought to be caused by osteoporosis. To date, preventive recommendations have focused on vitamin D, calcium and physical activity, but it now seems that magnesium is just as important in reducing this alarming figure. Researchers from Bristol University have...
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Heatwave alert: why focus on sodium?

It’s official – in recent days, many regions of the world have seen record-breaking temperatures, prompting heatwave health alerts in a number of countries. In response to this premature spell of sweltering heat, health authorities have increased their warnings, reiterating advice on what to do in exceptionally hot weather 1,2...
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Scientists discover why the body’s use of vitamin D is sub-optimal in half of all...

A newly-published study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows that the body may be unable to make proper use of vitamin D when magnesium levels are too low. And according to the researchers, that’s actually the case for 50% of the population in the West. Vitamin D...
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Taking selected minerals and nutrients improves running time

Can taking a supplement for just one month boost your sports performance? Apparently so, according to a recent study, as long as you choose your micronutrients carefully. The winning combination here was based on three minerals involved in energy metabolism and two nutrients with well-documented effects on sports performance. The...
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