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How to choose good quality and effective nutritional supplements

The fast-growing popularity of nutritional supplements has been mirrored by an equally rapid increase in the number of products available. Nowadays, faced with such a wide selection of locally-produced and imported nutritional supplements, marketed under a variety of brand names, the problem is how to tell which products are safe...
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Obesity and metabolic syndrome: beta-cryptoxanthin shows positive results

Though relatively unknown, beta-cryptoxanthin continues to reveal benefits for human health. It has been arousing scientific interest for some years now due to the similarity between its chemical structure and that of beta carotene. While beta-carotene is familiar as the pigment in carrots, its main benefit lies in its antioxidant...
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Vitamin D3: scientists call for upper safe limit to be raised to 10,000 IU

Over the last fifteen years, a number of clinical studies have shown that taking appropriate doses of vitamin D may offer even greater benefits than previously thought, extending far beyond its recognised role in bone health. A body of evidence gathered from epidemiological studies and clinical trials indicates that increased...
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Why did you get up this morning?

It’s a question worth asking. Why did you bother to get out of bed this morning? What was it that made you want to leave your soft warm cocoon? Were you forced to? Did you, like most people, put off opening your eyes until the last possible moment? Did you...
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Not all forms of vitamin E offer the same beneficial effects

Although Vitamin E was discovered in 1922, it has only been in the last ten years that it has come to be understood not as a single compound but as a whole group of substances, including alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols as well as alpha, beta, gamma and delta...
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