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Our food has never been so lacking in nutrients

Do you get the impression that fruit and vegetables are somewhat insipid compared with years ago? That meat just doesn’t taste as good? And that micronutrients have been insidiously replaced by pesticides, affecting the alchemy of natural foodstuffs? Well you don’t need to apologise for being a reactionary – you’re...
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The 14 mistakes we make when preparing and cooking food which deprives us of precious...

It’s true – today’s foods contain fewer micronutrients than before. But that’s not the only reason for the wide-scale deficiencies currently affecting countries in the West! There’s another contributing factor here: knowledge of traditional cooking and preparation methods is no longer being passed on and as a consequence, we’re making...
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“I can remember what I dreamt about now”: how a vitamin can help you recall...

You had a dream that’s definitely worth recounting but, to your frustration, the more you try to remember it, the harder it is to summon up the images. Perhaps you have no recollection whatsoever of your nocturnal reveries. Well help could now be at hand as scientists investigating this conundrum...
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Scientists discover why the body’s use of vitamin D is sub-optimal in half of all...

A newly-published study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows that the body may be unable to make proper use of vitamin D when magnesium levels are too low. And according to the researchers, that’s actually the case for 50% of the population in the West. Vitamin D...
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Vitamin D: widespread deficiency is reaching epidemic proportions

Not only have modern lifestyles led to a fall in our activity levels but they’ve also made our vitamin D levels plummet! A new study 1 has just shown that in half of all over-65s, blood levels for this vitamin do not reach the minimum amount recommended. What’s more, this...
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