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Lose weight without lifting a finger

Here’s a simple way to burn calories without having to undertake strenuous exercise - or even move an inch.Scientists have discovered that the body uses more energy if you take... …green tea! Remember your first lesson in natural medicine Green tea - the superstar of the tea world - needs...
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I’ve tried everything, but I just can’t lose weight

If you’ve consistently failed in your attempts to lose weight, it could be you’re missing a key ingredient. That ingredient is a healthy gut flora. Intestinal flora has long been believed to play a key role in ensuring proper immune function. And with good cause - 80% of our immune...
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Natural cosmetic surgery

It is often said that ‘bad genes’ or over-eating are responsible for the tendency some people have to store fat. However, a number of scientific studies show that poor hormonal balance is associated with hypertrophy of adipocytes in various areas of the body. In the past, the possibility of targeted...
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A weapon against male obesity: oxytocin

To be happy, slim and healthy you can try living on love and fresh air ... or perhaps an oxytocin supplement might be the answer, according to a recent study ... In a small, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in the US, 25 healthy male volunteers with an average age of 27,...
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Slimming down ... losing weight ... Dietary supplements are an essential aid

People gain weight for a variety of reasons and there is unfortunately no miraculous way to quickly lose the extra inches that accumulate on the hips, thighs or stomach over many years. First and foremost, rebalancing your diet is vital and no nutritional supplement can ever replace a varied, balanced...
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