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Heart & Circulation


Omega-3: a nightmare scenario

Inuit populations (formerly known as Eskimos) rarely suffer from heart disease. And it was in the course of investigating this phenomenon that Danish researchers in the 1960s discovered the benefits of omega-3 for human health. Omega-3s are a particular type of fat, quite distinct from those found in butter, meat,...
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Policosanol - a natural solution for improving your lipid profile

Policosanol, extracted from sugar cane, has been extensively studied in Cuba for many years for its ability to lower cholesterol. As well as improving blood lipids, policosanol reduces LDL oxidation, platelet aggregation and proliferation of smooth muscle cells. It is also beneficial for those with intermittent claudication and non-insulin dependent...
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Not all forms of vitamin E offer the same beneficial effects

Although Vitamin E was discovered in 1922, it has only been in the last ten years that it has come to be understood not as a single compound but as a whole group of substances, including alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols as well as alpha, beta, gamma and delta...
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Could red yeast rice be too effective for the pharmaceutical industry ??? Here we focus...

When the efficacy of certain natural cholesterol-lowering substances becomes so manifest, some "defenders of consumers rights" start sounding alarm bells, demanding that red yeast rice-based dietary supplements be subject to specific drug regulations that they claim offer greater protection… well, the recent ‘Mediator’ drug scandal in France shows just how...
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Sytrinol®, a safe and effective alternative to statins

Whether synthetic or natural, statins are extremely effective at lowering cholesterol levels. However, not everyone can tolerate these molecules and for those seeking side-effect-free alternatives, natural options can be easily substituted for statins, Sytrinol® being a particular case in point. A third of our blood cholesterol comes from the diet...
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