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Higher vitamin C levels linked to reduced risk of haemorrhagic stroke

The news is all across the media in France and elsewhere! “A lack of vitamin C may increase risk of stroke”, “Stroke victims deficient in vitamin C”!That there is still more to discover about this essential vitamin has been shown by a French study presented at the 66th annual conference...
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Inadequate vitamin D intake associated with higher incidence of cognitive problems

A decline in cognitive performance is a natural consequence of ageing. It has been suggested, however, that vitamin D status may have an impact on the cognitive function of elderly people. It is believed that vitamin D may bind to neuron receptors in the brain and develop anti-neurodegenerative, anti-inflammatory and...
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The economic crisis is no reason to neglect your health

Supplements have a key role in healthy life expectancy The WHO 1 (World Health Organisation) estimates that a healthy lifespan could be extended by five to ten years, with no increase in health spending, if governments and individuals united their efforts to combat the main risk factors to health in...
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