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Fighting the effects of pollution with B vitamins?

It has been known for some years now that poor air quality, such as in large cities, can negatively affect our health. In the immediate term, of course, it can alter heart rate variability 1 , but in the long-term too, it can significantly increase the risk of death from...
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Vitamin D deficiency - a risk for inflammatory disease?

Did you know that, according to the French Academy of Medicine, almost 80% of people in the West may be lacking in vitamin D? 1 . Yet this nutrient is recognised for playing a role in many of the body’s functions. Though most commonly-associated with bone health, it is also...
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Cardiovascular health: the benefits of a vitamin and mineral combination

A recent study suggests that there is more to discover about the therapeutic potential of vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium. While these three nutrients are known for their synergistic effect on bone mineralisation, it seems they may also act jointly to prevent cardiovascular disease. At least that was the...
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Air pollution: the benefits of combining vitamin E and omega-3

As we discussed in May of this year, peaks in air pollution are on the increase . In 2014, the World Health Organisation estimated that at least 90% of the global population was living in a polluted environment - an area where WHO air quality guidelines levels were not being...
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Nutrition: how to keep your brain well-nourished

As the control centre of the central nervous system, the brain has to deal with a constant flow of data, processing millions of bytes of information a day. This vital organ enables us to carry out innumerable actions, both manual and intellectual. Referred to scientifically as cognitive abilities or functions,...
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