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Stress and Sleep


Getting the maximum benefit from tea: the secret of theanine

15 December is International Tea Day, celebrating what is the second most consumed drink in the world. Tea has a remarkable history, from its incorporation into traditional Chinese medicine several hundred years BC, to its huge commercial success at the start of the colonial period. Today, it is more popular...
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Can late-night eating really damage your health?

Do people who eat earlier in the day have a health advantage over late-night diners? A recent clinical study conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania would certainly seem to suggest so 1 . For eight weeks, a group of volunteers were asked to finish dinner by 7pm and...
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After the holidays: how to cushion yourself against the stress of returning to work or...

The new school year is already upon us, marking the end of the summer holidays and the start of what can be a difficult period. It’s a time when those everyday work- or study-related worries, put on hold over the summer, reappear … September heralds a change in season too,...
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Maintaining your body’s general wellbeing

Saturday, 10 June 2017 marks the third time Global Wellness Day has been celebrated worldwide. Observed in more than 90 countries across the world, it brings together many thousands of people around the shared vision that “One day can change your whole life!”. This global initiative is dedicated to recognising...
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Scientists discover a new active compound for treating insomnia

Do you find it difficult to get to sleep? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? And then have trouble falling back asleep? If, like millions of others, you’re looking for a natural and effective solution to your sleep problems, you’ve come to the right place....
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