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Sports and Endurance


Sport: nutrients to promote muscle recovery

Whether you’re an amateur or professional sportsperson, you’ve probably wondered how you could improve your post-exercise recovery. In fact, this is an issue which has been widely investigated in the field of sports nutrition – and with good cause, since diet plays a key role in muscle activity and recovery....
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Essential tips for optimising your post-exercise recovery

So many people exercise – whether regularly or occasionally – without really knowing the key to optimal recovery. Fatigue, burnout, muscle loss, soreness, heat stroke, digestive problems, loss of performance, heavy legs, and even coma… The effects of poor recovery are innumerable and often insidious. It’s therefore important to realise...
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Taking selected minerals and nutrients improves running time

Can taking a supplement for just one month boost your sports performance? Apparently so, according to a recent study, as long as you choose your micronutrients carefully. The winning combination here was based on three minerals involved in energy metabolism and two nutrients with well-documented effects on sports performance. The...
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Citrulline significantly increases muscle protein synthesis

A new study has shown that citrulline has a direct effect on muscle protein synthesis by redistributing ‘energy flows’ to its advantage. It is this property that makes it so beneficial for maintaining muscle mass in older people. Citrulline is converted in the body into arginine, an essential amino acid...
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Sport: the cardio-respiratory benefits of astaxanthin

Whether you’re a professional or amateur sportsperson, this article should be of interest to you. A study published in the specialist journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 1 provides new scientific evidence of the benefits of astaxanthin for increasing endurance. Read on to find out how it can...
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