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PQQ can rejuvenate our cells

The first anti-aging nutritional supplement to boost and generate new mitochondria, and so ensure the longevity of all the body’s cells.

What are mitochondria ?
Mitochondria are the cells’ powerhouses – they enable our cells to function at full capacity. Abundant in youth, they gradually diminish with age and those that remain are less effective and produce more waste products. The result of this dysfunction is a significant energy deficit which it seems is implicated in the majority of age-related diseases: physical and cognitive disorders, accelerated cell breakdown, cardiovascular problems …
In 2002, the famous study conducted by Dr Bruce Ames (Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley) demonstrated the synergistic effect of acetyl-L-carnitine and R-lipoic acid in optimising mitochondrial function and thus slowing down the aging process. And we now know that certain other nutrients such as resveratrol and coenzyme Q10 also improve the function of existing mitochondria.

Improving the function of existing mitochondria is one thing, but increasing numbers of mitochondria in cells, even senescent cells – ie, facilitating biogenesis by activating genes that control reproduction, protection and repair – now that is a truly exceptional breakthrough!
And this is now possible with PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). Apart from engaging in intense aerobic exercise or severe calorie restriction, there is currently no other way of increasing numbers of mitochondria.

Code name PQQ: One of the most significant advances in the field of mitochondrial bioenergetics
PQQ is ubiquitous in the natural world, particularly in plant species. It is a powerful growth factor in plants, bacteria and higher organisms. But neither humans nor the bacteria that colonise the human digestive tract are able to produce it. As a result, scientists have classified PQQ as an essential nutrient. Is it a new vitamin or a new coenzyme? Whichever is the right definition, it is unimportant in terms of its efficacy against aging.

Mitochondrial protection against oxidative stress
The prime cause of mitochondrial dysfunction is oxidative stress and PQQ’s main anti-aging benefits are to be found at the mitochondrial level. Due to its very high stability, PQQ has emerged as a powerful antioxidant weapon, far superior to classic antioxidants in terms of protecting DNA against the major free radicals which impede mitochondrial function without undergoing any molecular breakdown. It is no surprise then that PQQ is highly effective against age-related degenerative diseases and the decreases in energy of the body’s two main organs: the brain and the heart.

Neuroprotection and improvement in cognitive function
PQQ is exceptionally effective at protecting brain cells from oxidative damage and neurotoxicity induced by toxins such as mercury. It improves performance in memory tests and interacts positively with the brain’s neurotransmitter systems. According to certain studies, it prevents the development of a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease and also protects nerve cells from oxidative damage by beta-amyloid protein which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study recently showed that a daily dose of 10-20mg PQQ significantly improved short-term memory and ability to concentrate in young adults as compared with controls. In middle-aged individuals, supplementation with 20mg PQQ a day led to greater improvements in cognitive function tests, especially when subjects also took 300mg CoQ10 a day. This combination can therefore be used to improve mental state and quality of life and to help slow down or prevent cognitive decline.

Cardioprotection and improvements in energy levels
Research has shown that PQQ helps cardiac muscle cells to withstand oxidative stress. In research on animals that had experienced stroke or heart attack, PQQ supplementation significantly reduced the size of the area damaged. In addition, since mitochondria are responsible for energy production, taking PQQ helps to make physical exercise easier and more effective.

PQQ is water-soluble - it does not build up in the body and is well-tolerated even at high doses. It can therefore be taken by anyone who wants to restrain one of the major mechanisms of aging. PQQ is a welcome addition to the arsenal of recognised anti-aging weapons, and can be used alongside, or alternated with calorie restriction mimetics (resveratrol, oxaloacetate) or telomerase activators (cycloastragenol, astragaloside IV).
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PQQ & Q10

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone & Coenzyme Q10
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Mitochondrial Formula

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