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Heart & Circulation


Cardiovascular health: alarming new findings

German scientists have recently made the worrying observation for cardiovascular health that many individuals could be low in omega-3. The importance of these fatty acids in maintaining good health is widely-recognised, as stated in many reports on the subject 1 including our article on health-essential fatty acids . Worrying findings...
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Cardiovascular health: the benefits of red and blue berries

Popular for their flavour and colour, red and blue berries are also attracting scientific interest for their chemical composition which includes molecules called anthocyanins. Part of the large family of polyphenols recognised for their high antioxidant potency, anthocyanins have considerable therapeutic potential. Studied extensively in recent years, they have already...
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Vitamin K: its little-known role in vascular health

Among the large family of vitamins, the vitamin K group is often overlooked, even though the body needs vitamin K to function properly. It plays an essential role in bone and tissue structure, as well as in blood clotting processes; indeed, the letter ‘K’ comes from the German word ‘Koagulation’....
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Male fertility: DHA may promote healthy sperm

Supplementing with omega-3 may improve sperm quality. So concludes a recent study published in the journal Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine 1 . In this placebo-controlled study, Spanish researchers assessed the effects of supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, on sperm quality. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid more familiar...
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Ubiquinol, the antioxidant form of CoQ10

In a healthy person, over 90% of coenyzme Q10 is present in its reduced form - ubiquinol. Research shows that ubiquinol is also the most effective at neutralising free radicals and that it increases mitochondrial energy production. In addition, it has much greater bioavailability than the CoQ10 typically found in...
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