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This mitochondria-targeting antioxidant could take 20 years off your blood vessels

A study published in Hypertension , the journal of the American Heart Association, has provided new evidence of this dietary supplement’s effectiveness for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also resurrects the value of oral antioxidants: though their efficacy has been challenged in recent years, these scientists have demonstrated...
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Coughing vigorously can save you from a heart attack: a dangerous myth

For a while now, information has been circulating on social networks to the effect that it may be possible to « survive a heart attack when alone » by breathing deeply for two seconds then coughing vigorously , alternating these actions until help arrives, or until your heart starts to...
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Lack of vitamin K associated with enlarged heart

Scientists have discovered that vitamin K1, high levels of which are found in green vegetables, helps to maintain the size of the left ventricle of the heart which contains oxygenated blood for distribution around the body. In the absence of sufficient vitamin K1, this ventricle becomes enlarged and is less...
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The importance of iron in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Ensuring a good intake of iron may be even more critical than we thought. While this trace element is recognised as being essential to good health, the risks of disease posed by iron deficiency are often overlooked. In this context, scientists confirmed the link between iron status and risk of...
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Citrus polyphenols and their benefits for cardiovascular health

Popular for their sharp, fruity flavour, citrus fruits also offer a number of health benefits, primarily due to their high concentration of polyphenols, or more specifically, flavonoids. These natural pigments are known for their antioxidant potency which enables them to protect our cells against free radical damage and thus combat...
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