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Neem - the village pharmacy

Neem (Azadirachta indica), also known as Indian Lilac, has been recognised for centuries in India for its many healing properties. Sometimes referred to as the ‘tree of marvels’ or ‘village pharmacy’, neem contains many substances with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial or immune-stimulating properties. The earliest medical texts in Sanskrit refer to the...
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The top 10 products Americans are snapping up

In the United States, just the mere mention of a particular plant extract or natural supplement on the famous TV health programme « The Dr Oz Show » is all that’s needed for its popularity with consumers to rocket. Dr Mehmet Oz, heart surgeon and professor at Columbia University, has...
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Slow down the ageing process with red berries

The extraordinary nutritional content and high antioxidant ranking of berries are now well-recognised by the scientific community. These ‘superfruits’ have considerable antioxidant potency and their ORAC indexes are among the highest in the plant kingdom. These ‘berry treasures’ are found pretty much all over the globe: Acai in Brazil, Goji...
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