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The untold virtues of mushrooms

140,000 – that’s the number of different mushrooms thought to exist in the world. 1 . Yet only 10% are currently known and defined by the scientific community. Certain mushrooms stand out because of their particular flavour, and are much prized in the culinary world, while others have been valued...
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Reduce inflammation to reduce the risk of diseases

While inflammation is a natural and helpful process at least in the short-term, it also promotes various pathological developments. Recent studies have revealed an interaction between pro-inflammatory lipoxygenase enzymes, particularly 5-LOX, and cancer, heart disease and asthma, amongst others. Cyclooxygenase enzymes are also strongly implicated in a number of diseases....
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Put an end to chronic inflammation

Inflammation – whether unseen or painful – has always been at the root of a variety of incapacitating ‘diseases of civilisation’, such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis and intestinal inflammation … Even though it is the body’s first line of defence and should not be completely eradicated, scientists now recognise it...
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Painkillers: 6 recent discoveries you should know about before taking analgesics

Perhaps you frequently suffer from aches and pains, and like everyone, reach for the analgesics every now and then … If that’s the case, you will definitely be interested in these six new discoveries, presented below as a series of statements. Can you guess whether they’re true or false? Automatically...
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No proven efficacy for some arthritis drugs

When you suffer from arthritis, you never really know which way the wind is going to blow. On some days the pain is tolerable, while on others, it’s completely unbearable. And on these occasions, you’ll do just about anything to find some relief and put a smile back on your...
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