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Magnesium for relieving migraines

Unlike normal headaches, migraines cause intense, throbbing pain, often on one side of the head, close to the eye. There is so far no cure for the misery experienced by migraine sufferers; they simply have to retreat to a dark and quiet room and wait for the attack to pass....
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Cardiovascular health: the benefits of a vitamin and mineral combination

A recent study suggests that there is more to discover about the therapeutic potential of vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium. While these three nutrients are known for their synergistic effect on bone mineralisation, it seems they may also act jointly to prevent cardiovascular disease. At least that was the...
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Zinc: take daily supplements to reduce DNA damage

If you’re wondering about the benefits of zinc or how effective it is, a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2016 provides an update. Objective: to assess the benefits of zinc supplementation The overall objective of this study was to assess the benefits of food fortification...
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Magnesiumsupplementation may reduce the risk of diabetes

Compared with a placebo, daily supplementation with magnesium for six months was shown to improve two of the three measures of insulin sensitivity, and to reduce fasting blood sugar by almost 7%. In a study conducted by German researchers, 52 volunteers were given 365mg of magnesium a day, or a...
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