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How could you eat that?

Packet soups, reconstituted ham, tasteless ready-meals full of additives, desserts mega-sweetened with powdered milk… Within a few decades, our grandchildren will be astonished by what we were prepared to eat at the beginning of the 21st century. A crazy period when ‘fake-foods’ accounted for half our daily intake. For now...
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Prolonged-release supplements: how do they work?

There are still relatively few of these on the market, though some, such as Daily 2© are already very popular. We’re talking about prolonged, delayed or slow-release supplements. They work like standard supplements except for one fundamental difference: they’re designed to gradually release their active principles. In standard supplements, the...
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Multivitamins: support for gut flora

The subject of extensive research in recent years, gut flora is now recognised as playing many roles within the body. Yet studies increasingly warn of the risks of dysbiosis - an imbalance in this intestinal flora - which prevents microbiota from fulfilling its normal functions and promotes the development of...
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Becoming a vegetarian or vegan: how does it affect nutritional requirements?

What better time to adopt a more environmentally-friendly diet than November – World Vegan Month. Characterised by the rejection of animal source foods, veganism is very much on the rise. But aside from ideological and ethical aspects, how does switching to a vegan diet affect nutritional needs and health? Is...
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Essential multivitamins

Numerous studies in recent years have suggested that vitamins and supplements have no beneficial effect on your health. Some researchers have gone as far as to warn that popping them may be harmful. But the fact is that most of us cannot get the vitamins and minerals we need from...
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