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Helicobacter Pylori: information on the silent bacteria that kills 600,000 people a year

Every year, more than 750,000 people die from stomach cancer, one of the five most deadly forms of the disease. The main culprit is a pathogenic bacteria, discovered just 40 years ago, which colonises the stomach and is thought to be present in 50% of the world’s adult population. Has...
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New discovery on the immune system and gut flora

The immune system is a complex network, the role of which is to defend the body against pathogenic germs. It distinguishes between the body's own cells referred to as ‘self’, and foreign cells – called ‘non-self’, by means of a number of immune cells, the best-known of which are white...
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Dietary supplements that beat persistent food cravings

Food cravings affect those trying to lose weight just as they do stable-weight individuals. Finding a lasting solution to these sudden ‘snack attacks’ requires a multi-pronged approach. People gain weight for many reasons – there are those who overeat at mealtimes, those whose portion sizes are normal but who eat...
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Gut microbiota equilibrium in sportspeople

Scientific progress over the last few years has led to improvements in our understanding of intestinal microbiota. Also known as gut flora, this is the collection of living microorganisms found in the small intestine and colon. It is now recognised that the equilibrium of this microbiota plays a key role...
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Combatting chronic constipation and maintaining a healthy colon

Louis XIV famously suffered from severe constipation and his doctors would regularly ask him: ”Comment allez-vous (How are you)?”, when what they actually meant was: “Comment allez-vous à la selle? (Have you opened your bowels?)”. Thus the common conversation-starter, ”Comment allez-vous?”, actually has its origins in bowel health! Constipation affects...
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