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Longevity (Anti-ageing)


Effects of resveratrol on life expectancy and biological markers of Alzheimer’s disease

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found mainly in grapes and red wine. It increases basal metabolic rate, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial biogenesis and physical stamina, and has been shown to reduce fat accumulation in mice. It is a powerful calorie restriction mimetic through activation of sirtuins (SIRT1) and according to a recent...
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Shorter telomeres associated with decreased resistance to upper respiratory tract infections

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), reports an association between decreased telomere length and greater susceptibility to the common cold. Telomeres are DNA complexes located at the tips of chromosomes which shorten with each cell division, leading to impaired cell function and cell senescence. Decreased...
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Free and exclusive : download the electronic book "New hopes in anti-ageing"

What if aging where not inevitable? The Ebook "New hopes in anti-ageing" has been published. Here is the summary. Download it for free . > THE ENGINEERING METHOD - The “7 deadly things” - “Buying” time - 1 000 year life expectancy? - What can we do now? > TELOMERASE...
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A new study shows that supplementing with marine omega-3 fatty acids can slow down ageing

A study published in “Brain, behaviour and immunity”, has shown that supplementing with marine omega-3 for just four months is associated with lengthening of telomeres in immune cells . Telomeres are the fine protective tips at the end of our chromosomes. When cells divide, the chromosomes’ DNA has to replicate...
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Oxaloacetate extends lifespan

«A proprietary substance that can mimic calorie restriction, so increasing lifespan and delaying the development of age-related diseases.» In the quest to extend the lifespan of unicellular and multicellular animal organisms, many possibilities have been explored over the last 70 years: nutritional compounds, vitamin or antioxidant supplements, physical exercise, hormones...
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