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Longevity (Anti-ageing)


Anti-ageing substance produced from digesting pomegranates

The fight against ageing continues. Researchers working for a start-up biotech company have discovered the beneficial effects of urolithin A 1 , a substance produced during the digestion of pomegranates , sometimes referred to as ‘the fruit of the gods’. Urolithin A is produced when antioxidant compounds called ellagitannins –...
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Resveratrol: astonishing new study confirms its ‘enormous potential’ against ageing

Researchers at Exeter University have succeeded in rejuvenating senescent cells in the laboratory 1 using a molecule already known for its effects on longevity: resveratrol. The scientists found that after just a few hours’ treatment with resveratrol analogues, older cells started to divide again and behave like young cells. This...
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Over 50? You’re at risk of deficiency in these two key vitamins

A new study by researchers from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) has shown that a sizeable proportion of over-50s in the West are seriously lacking in vitamins B12 and B9 (also called ‘folate’). Their findings are clear: one in eight people are deficient in vitamin 12, and one...
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No – we haven’t (yet) reached the limit of human lifespan

In 1900, female life expectancy was around 50 years in most Western countries such as France, Canada and Germany. Almost 120 years later, today’s women can expect to live 40 years longer. This extraordinary gain is the result of huge advances in medicine and improvements in living conditions. However, for...
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Cancer: the ubiquitous substances emerging as key drivers

A new European research body has been sounding alarm bells: fertility is continuing to fall dramatically . For 50 years, sperm concentration has been dropping at the alarming rate of almost 2% a year, that’s a cumulative decline of nearly 50% (1) within half a century. What’s more, incidence of...
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