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Obesity: a beneficial combination of anthocyanins and prebiotics

Scientists have made a major discovery in the fight against obesity and its harmful effects. Published in 2017 in the prestigious FASEB Journal 1 , their study revealed the benefits of combining anthocyanins, natural pigments with antioxidant potency, with prebiotics, substances known for their ability to maintain balance in intestinal...
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Probiotics for low mood and depression: the new treatment that’s really taking off

Probiotics to combat mood disorders? You may find such a notion hard to believe but a brand new study has just shown that our gut flora communicates with our brains in unexpected ways. We already knew that bacteria were able to ‘converse’ with the brain by producing the same neurotransmitters...
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Is there a ticking time bomb in your gut?

A poorly-maintained digestive tract, populated with opportunistic pathogenic bacteria and fungi (particularly Candida albicans ), and polluted with badly-digested food, is at risk of becoming blocked by disgusting and toxic faecal matter . This phenomenon is a factor in health imbalances and problems of varying degrees of seriousness. In particular,...
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Household cleaning products may encourage weight gain by altering gut microbiota

Scientists analysed the gut flora of 757 babies aged 3-4 months alongside their exposure to disinfectants (multi-surface cleaners), detergents and eco-friendly cleaning products. Their findings make uncomfortable reading : the more frequently household disinfectants were used in the home, the greater the disruption to the babies’ gut microbiota. In these...
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Probiotics: the latest gut-related discoveries herald a genuine revolution

If we want to find unexplored ecosystems, we don’t need to trawl the depths of the ocean or scrutinise soil samples from some terrestrial planet. We simply have to look at our own intestines : more than 100,000 billion bacteria, which together weigh more than the brain , flourish in...
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