Age-related muscle weakness: what you can do to prevent it
With age comes a gradual decline in muscle mass. This is the result of a reduction in volume – or even complete loss - of...
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Probiotics: the latest gut-related discoveries herald a...

If we want to find unexplored ecosystems, we don’t need to trawl the depths of the ocean or scrutinise soil samples from some terrestrial planet....
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The risk of vitamin D3 deficiency particularly...

Over the last 15 years or so, a number of clinical studies have shown that taking vitamin D at appropriate doses may confer significantly more...
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Five common misconceptions about arthritis

The statistics are alarming: if you live in an affluent country, your lifetime risk of suffering from arthritis of the hip or knee may be...
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6 powerful, nutritional synergies to incorporate into...

In South America, shamans use a natural drink to reduce spiritual pain and change people’s perception of reality. It’s a drink that’s been consumed for...
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Cognitive decline: how to avoid the misery...

We’re increasingly told that cognitive decline is not normal and that we should not automatically associate ‘ageing’ with ‘loss of cognitive ability’. Sadly, I have...
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