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Colds, flu, bronchitis: the two best ways of avoiding them

During the winter months, almost all of us will be exposed to the flu virus but only some will go on to be infected by it. How can this be explained? Contrary to popular opinion, catching a cold or the flu is not just down to bad luck or being...
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The exceptional properties of grapefruit

You may have already heard about the benefits of the citrus fruit pomelo. Prized for its nutritional content and health benefits, pomelo is often confused with grapefruit, its close relative. Grapefruit, or to give it its scientific name Citrus paradisi , is widely consumed in the West whereas pomelo is...
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Chronic over-inflammation: the consequences of a bad diet stay with you for life

Have you ever in your life hit a bad patch in terms of your diet? Have you found yourself eating junk food because you felt the need to at the time? Either because of ignorance or recklessness? If so, let’s hope it was for as short a period as possible,...
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What age are your lungs? The story of how they decline and what you can...

Did you know that of all your organs, it is the lungs which are the first to age? Like the skin, they are exposed to the highest partial pressure of oxygen found in the body. And as we know, oxygen is a well-established factor in the ageing process. All animals...
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The 8 secrets of people who are never ill

Every year, the same people seem to miraculously escape the epidemics of flu or gastroenteritis. The fact is though, luck has nothing to do with it: it’s the quality of their immune response which ensures they sail though winter untouched by these illnesses, and what lies behind that response are...
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