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Champex®, for eliminating bad breath and body odour

Champex® neutralises the odours that come from by-products generated by the decomposition of food in the gut, thus preventing putrid body odours and bad breath. Part of the food we eat decomposes and is converted by intestinal bacteria into toxic chemicals such as ammonia, indoles, skatoles, tryptamines, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide...
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Be kind to your liver with a spring detox!

Instead of going on an Easter egg hunt, how about hunting down all those toxins that have been accumulating over winter! A balanced diet full of organic food is obviously good for your health - but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Warning signs start to appear - a dull complexion,...
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Spring has sprung: time for a 'detox'

Practitioners of alternative medicine agree that with each change of season, the body needs a little help to rid itself of the toxins that have accumulated over the previous season. So, over a period of about 10 days, it’s a good idea to review your diet and take some specific...
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Systemic detoxification and regeneration for the body

A body in perfect health is a body free from toxins and impurities! The tendency to eat more high-fat food in winter, combined with Christmas and New Year over-indulgence, means now is the perfect time for a thorough cleansing of all the body's natural systems for eliminating toxins. For a...
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Supporting the digestive system, liver and pancreas over the festive season

Indigestion, bloating, gas, hangovers … over-indulgence can cause so many problems -but the good news is they can be avoided by simply taking natural protective nutrients. Eating heavy meals, high in saturated fat, washed down with alcohol, puts a real strain on the body. Supplementing with phytonutrients is your best...
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