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Liver and detoxification


Your natural, practical guide to a healthy spring: solutions, solutions, and nothing but solutions

The birds are singing, the air has turned milder, spring is in full swing and life feels good. But like the other seasons, spring brings its own issues: by the time it arrives, winter has taken a toll on the body, the liver and digestive system are sluggish, and insomnia...
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Preventing hepatitis: an issue of global urgency

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is using the occasion of World Hepatitis Day on 28 July to emphasise the importance of combatting this inflammatory liver disease. Usually caused by a virus, hepatitis can lead to serious, life-threatening complications such as cirrhosis or liver cancer 1 . A genuine public health...
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Air pollution: the benefits of combining vitamin E and omega-3

As we discussed in May of this year, peaks in air pollution are on the increase . In 2014, the World Health Organisation estimated that at least 90% of the global population was living in a polluted environment - an area where WHO air quality guidelines levels were not being...
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Urban pollution: protect yourself with natural solutions

Recent months have seen repeated spikes in levels of fine-particle pollution. With each alert, so the preventive messages from public health authorities increase. But many people are asking questions about the consequences of pollution for their health. What exactly are the effects of air pollution? How can we reduce our...
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Detoxification: the protective effects of artichokes

Many people like artichokes for their unusual taste but did you know that these vegetables also offer a number of health benefits? An excellent source of fibre, potassium and vitamin B9, the artichoke also contains several antioxidants; indeed, its natural antioxidant potency has been the subject of numerous scientific studies...
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