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Combatting chronic constipation and maintaining a healthy colon

Louis XIV famously suffered from severe constipation and his doctors would regularly ask him: ”Comment allez-vous (How are you)?”, when what they actually meant was: “Comment allez-vous à la selle? (Have you opened your bowels?)”. Thus the common conversation-starter, ”Comment allez-vous?”, actually has its origins in bowel health! Constipation affects...
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Gut flora: imbalances implicated in Crohn’s disease

Recent research could improve our understanding of the origins of Crohn’s disease, a rare and highly complex condition characterised by chronic inflammation of the intestines. While hypotheses as to potential causes continue to grow, many grey areas still exist. A recent study reveals that changes in gut flora could be...
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How to choose good quality and effective nutritional supplements

The fast-growing popularity of nutritional supplements has been mirrored by an equally rapid increase in the number of products available. Nowadays, faced with such a wide selection of locally-produced and imported nutritional supplements, marketed under a variety of brand names, the problem is how to tell which products are safe...
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Probiotics - their many preventive and curative effects

The results of clinical research published over the last fifteen years highlight the many beneficial effects of probiotics. They appear to have both preventive and curative effects, particularly in viral and antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, atopic eczema, lactose intolerance and inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract. Other studies indicate they may also...
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I’ve tried everything, but I just can’t lose weight

If you’ve consistently failed in your attempts to lose weight, it could be you’re missing a key ingredient. That ingredient is a healthy gut flora. Intestinal flora has long been believed to play a key role in ensuring proper immune function. And with good cause - 80% of our immune...
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