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Liver and detoxification


Cancer: the ubiquitous substances emerging as key drivers

A new European research body has been sounding alarm bells: fertility is continuing to fall dramatically . For 50 years, sperm concentration has been dropping at the alarming rate of almost 2% a year, that’s a cumulative decline of nearly 50% (1) within half a century. What’s more, incidence of...
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"Kudzu - works better than a patch"

Kudzu is an intriguing plant which originates from the Far East. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to treat addiction, migraine, diarrhoea, vomiting, hypertension and tinnitus amongst others. Today, kudzu is mainly used to help wean people off ‘everyday’ drugs: alcohol, tobacco, sugar etc. Kudzu...
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The 10 fruits and vegetables which put pesticide levels into overdrive

As you’ll know from our report on pesticides , the poisoning of our entire planet continues to progress at a steady pace. To minimise ingestion of these chemicals and the oxidative stress they induce, it makes sense to ‘go organic’ when it comes to certain foods. Unfortunately, the reason we...
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Pesticides: the poisoning continues to grow. How should we respond?

If you thought that the use of pesticides had declined in recent years, think again: despite all the fine promises, and the fact that evidence of their toxicity continues to accumulate, pesticide use is at historic levels, with almost all European countries employing more and more of these noxious chemicals....
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Your natural, practical guide to a healthy spring: solutions, solutions, and nothing but solutions

The birds are singing, the air has turned milder, spring is in full swing and life feels good. But like the other seasons, spring brings its own issues: by the time it arrives, winter has taken a toll on the body, the liver and digestive system are sluggish, and insomnia...
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