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Natural extract for alleviating aluminium salt toxicity

Did you know that the oldest living tree on Earth is Ginkgo biloba ? This legendary tree has survived many disasters over the centuries, including the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. It owes this incredible longevity to its unique properties. Studied for many years, the leaves of...
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Dihydromyricetin: a flavonoid to counter the harmful effects of alcohol

The summer months bring many opportunities to share a glass of wine with family and friends. But if alcohol abuse is known to be harmful to health, it is particularly so in summer. Alcohol does not quench the thirst, hence a href="./sujet.pl?id=1419 target="_blank">the importance of adequate hydration during very hot...
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Eliminating dietary pollutants from your body

Over several decades, pollution has become a genuine public health issue. But while the subject of air pollution is discussed regularly, we very often forget about the presence and impact of pollutants in our food. Whether synthetic or natural, these dietary pollutants can have diverse origins and appear at various...
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Preventing some of the harmful effects of alcohol

The festive season means many more occasions for consuming alcohol. While champagne or wine drunk in moderation can have some beneficial health effects, they can also be extremely harmful. Although nutritional supplements can help to limit some of these undesirable effects, moderation should always be the rule. When you drink...
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Autism: worrying link found with pesticide circulating in our bloodstream

A study of more than one million pregnancies in Finland has found an association between elevated levels of the pesticide DDE (a metabolite of DDT) in the blood of pregnant women and an increased risk of autism in their children. There was a two-fold risk of autism or intellectual disability...
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