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Longevity (Anti-ageing)


Nighttime is when your body repairs damage to DNA … but only if you sleep!

A team of scientists has recently demonstrated just how important it is to sleep at night if you want to significantly reduce your risk of cancer. In studying night shift workers forced to sleep during daylight hours, they noted that these individuals had much lower levels of circulating melatonin than...
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Cutting calories by 15% for 2 years slows down the ageing process

” Ageing is not a slope that everyone goes down at the same speed. It’s a flight of irregular steps that some people hurtle down faster than others .” No-one would argue with this theory, cited by Simone de Beauvoir in her book ‘La Vieillesse’ (The Coming of Age). We...
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Live longer, live better

A few days ago, it was International Day of Older Persons, a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative set up to honour the world’s senior citizens and highlight their rights in modern society 1 . In particular, this annual event emphasises the importance of the right to health. This is defined...
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Astragalus membranaceus, a renowned medicinal plant

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the health benefits of Astragalus, a plant that is attracting increasing scientific interest due its many biological effects. There are, in fact, several thousand species of astragalus which between them have a wide variety of characteristics and properties. One such species is Astragalus membranaceus which...
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Vitamin D: anti-ageing effects

Vitamin D continues to amaze with its multiple benefits for our health. Recognised for its importance to muscle tone and bone, teeth and cartilage structure, vitamin D may also offer anti-ageing effects. This, at least, is the view of a number of research teams investigating the effects of vitamin D...
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