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Heart & Circulation


Circulation: the benefits of edible mushrooms

A few months ago, we reported on the untold virtues of mushrooms . We didn’t have to wait long for yet more evidence of their health benefits. Scientists have just highlighted their role in improving blood circulation and fighting certain cardiovascular diseases. Published in The FASEB Journal , this new...
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Cardiovascular health: the natural benefits of hesperidin

Though you may not know hesperidin by name, you have almost certainly consumed this natural substance as it is found primarily in citrus fruits. Hesperidin has been attracting scientific interest for some time because of its positive effects on human health. In particular, researchers have confirmed its benefits for the...
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Effective combination against 'bad' cholesterol

An Indian research team has just made a surprising discovery in relation to the accumulation of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the arteries 1 ; a combination of two natural products may actually help combat hypercholesterolaemia, a condition characterised by excess cholesterol in the blood and which may be responsible for cardiovascular...
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Beneficial nutrients for combatting high blood pressure

World Hypertension Day is an opportune moment to re-state the importance of preventing and diagnosing this cardiovascular disorder. Characterised by abnormally high blood pressure, hypertension develops silently and thus poses an even greater risk; many people are hypertensive without realising it. It can evolve stealthily over several years and lead...
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Sea buckthorn berries, superfruits with multiple virtues

Have you heard about sea buckthorn berries? Since the beginning of the 2000s, interest in these small orange berries has been growing steadily, accompanied by a corresponding increase in their cultivation. Though their sharp flavour is not to everyone’s taste, these berries are actually more valued for their health benefits....
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