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Respiratory allergies


Air pollution: the benefits of combining vitamin E and omega-3

As we discussed in May of this year, peaks in air pollution are on the increase . In 2014, the World Health Organisation estimated that at least 90% of the global population was living in a polluted environment - an area where WHO air quality guidelines levels were not being...
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Urban pollution: protect yourself with natural solutions

Recent months have seen repeated spikes in levels of fine-particle pollution. With each alert, so the preventive messages from public health authorities increase. But many people are asking questions about the consequences of pollution for their health. What exactly are the effects of air pollution? How can we reduce our...
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3 medicinal plants for fighting asthma attacks

On this, World Asthma Day, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reminds us that 235 million people across the globe are affected by this chronic disease 1 . Contrary to popular belief, it can develop at any age, manifesting as asthma attacks in which the sufferer has difficulty breathing. These attacks...
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Quercetin, a powerful anti-histamine for hayfever sufferers

Sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose – spring must be here! The good news is that long-lasting relief from the classic symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis can be found in a 100% natural nutritional substance called quercetin. All fruits and vegetables contain a large group of compounds called polyphenols,...
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