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Dysbiosis: a risk factor for auto-immune disease?

Dysbiosis is a term for microbial imbalance, usually of the intestinal microbiota or gut flora. This microbiota helps the body function properly, supporting the body’s digestive health and defences. Unfortunately, the equilibrium of this microbiota is subject on a daily basis to disruption by pathogens. A significant influx of pathogenic...
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Death may be lurking in the colon: here’s how to escape it

Colon cancer is not something that arrives out of the blue one morning. It starts off with a single damaged colon cell which passes its ‘defect’ on to certain of its fellow cells. But day after day, year after year, this cell accumulates new defects which cause increasing levels of...
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If you suffer from heartburn, here’s a diet that works

More and more people are suffering from repeated episodes of acid reflux : recent studies show that 40% of the population of industrialised countries may now be affected by the acid regurgitation, severe hiccups and unpleasant burning sensation in the chest which generally accompany reflux. And this is more serious...
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Beware the dairy industry: new study reports 170 cases of lobbying

Have you ever asked yourself how it is that unlike almost all other mammals, we humans have ended up incorporating milk into our diet? And do you increasingly find yourself wondering whether this is actually a good thing ? Either way, one thing’s for sure: the dairy industry is doing...
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Our gut bacteria also affects our stress levels

In recent years, our gut microbiota has been shown to have an amazingly wide-ranging impact on our body’s overall function. Indeed, it seems hardly a week goes by before another health-determining mechanism is found to be linked to the 100,000 billion microorganisms that inhabit our intestines. Originally thought to be...
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