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Ageing of the skin: the protective effects of astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a powerful natural antioxidant which continues to attract interest. Since the publication in November 2016 of our article entitled Astaxanthin - an exceptionally powerful antioxidant , further studies have revealed new benefits for this natural pigment. In 2017, we discussed its cardio-respiratory benefits . Now, in this latest...
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Vitamin D supplementation for treating atopic eczema

Essential for good health, vitamin D is primarily known for its vital role in mineralising the bones, joints and teeth. Its effects on the immune system, however, are often less well-known, which is why the vitamin is arousing interest among scientists in relation to the prevention and treatment of allergies...
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Tan more effectively by preparing your skin for the sun

Each time the warm sunny weather returns you’re faced with the same dilemma – should you expose your skin to the sun, or cover up? On the one hand there’s the risk of skin cancer, but on the other, a lack of vitamin D … But what if you could...
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Sea buckthorn berries, superfruits with multiple virtues

Have you heard about sea buckthorn berries? Since the beginning of the 2000s, interest in these small orange berries has been growing steadily, accompanied by a corresponding increase in their cultivation. Though their sharp flavour is not to everyone’s taste, these berries are actually more valued for their health benefits....
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The 5 most effective nutricosmetics

Topical creams are at the forefront of cosmetics and skincare and while natural nutricosmetics remain in their shadow, they are gaining significant ground for their role in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and skin dryness and in tackling head-on the visible signs of ageing. Nutricosmetics, or cosmeceuticals, are designed to...
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